Update on life…

Major/Minor Declaration: I just finished filling out the forms for both. And have an appt with my major adviser tomorrow. And am in the process of making an appt with the Econ dept head for next Monday. This is really exciting!

Ring: I GET MY AGNES RING IN LESS THAN A MONTH. :] That’s my excited face. I’m really a lot more excited about it than you can probably tell from this posting.

Bridge to Business: There’s an interest meeting this week, which I shall be attending. I finished my interest statement over the break with the help of my loving mother, and requested my transcript today. YAY! I’m so very very close to being able to turn my application in, it’s not even funny.

Anything else: Oh, right. It’s a new semester. I have new classes. So I’m taking: French 102, Astronomy 150 (Science, Religion, and the End of the World), Poli Sci 201 (Approaches to Politics), Intro to Ballet, and English 219 (After Shakespeare).

Alright. I think that’s about it. I’m going to go grab some dinner and then hit the books. :]



So it’s definately been a while. And I’ve sort of completely forgotten about this blog. I am SO sorry.

I can’t believe I’m basically half way though my sophomore year of college. GAHHH.
I haven’t declared yet, but I’m going POLI SCI, with a minor in Organizational Management. :]

This summer, Agnes is kicking off this program called Bridge to Business. It’s a three week program with the GA Tech School of Business. There’s 30 spots (I believe) and I hope I get one. I really want to know if I want to go to business school, and I feel like this is a fantastic opportunity for me to find out if this is something i actually want for myself.

Plus there’s a $1000 stipend for everyone. And free housing in Avery (Agnes’ apartments). And MARTA vouchers. And I’m really excited. In case you couldn’t tell.


Changing Blog Topics…

Hey all. So since this is my school/professional blog, and my art class is officially over, I’ve decided to change my current topic of my blog to be about my summer internship.
My internship is at the Sacramento Mayor’s office, and is gonna be really cool.

That is all.

Portrait progress…

Hey all.

So I’ve been making a lot of headway [HAHAHAHAH. Headway. It’s a self portrait. Sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself] on my self portrait. And I have pictures! So Destiny and I decided that the lesser finished picture (see below) is creepy. But only because there’s an eye missing. But after I sat back down at the next class, and stayed extra long, I’m a lot closer to being done. I think now what I’m going to focus on is my eyebrows and eyelids. I think I’m fully finished with my lips. After all that, I’m just gonna go back through with some finishing touches. And then I”m DONE!




More Self Portrait

So I’ve been working a lot more on my self portrait, and let me just say this… LIPS ARE HARD. Thanks. I spent pretty much the entire class period yesterday working just on my lips, and mostly my top lip, not even the bottom one yet. And I must admit… I’m afraid for my eyes. Not like looking at them or anything, but drawing them. If lips are this frightening, I can only imagine.

Picture! It’s definitely a work in progress.



Hey. So I changed the name of my blog because I’m going to be using it strictly for school things now. But I set up a new blog for all my personal stuffes. Here’s the link now… http://meganalexisxoxo.tumblr.com

I hope you guys enjoy it!


On Campus Event: Maura Reilly & Gallery Installation…

Sorry this is a lot late, haha (well the part about Maura Reilly). I went to the curator talk with Maura Reilly, and she was really interesting. She’s done a lot in her career and since I”ve been trying to determine what I want to do, she got me thinking. I always thought it would be really cool to run a gallery or some such thing, but even though she loves it, I honestly don’t know if I could do it. When we were putting up the student show today in the gallery, I didn’t mind physically installing the show, but I felt like the creative differences were more of a hinderance and less of a help. But now the gallery looks FANTASTIC. :]